CMA NOTES IN PDF FREE DOWNLOAD [Dec Exams 2023 Updated] ?



Efficient CMA Exam Preparation

  1. Understand the Beast
  2. Pick the Right Tools Means CMA STUDY MATERIAL
  3. Persist with a Workable Plan
  4. Space Out Your Prep Time
  5. Immerse in “Real” Testing Environment
  6. Clean Your Desk
  7. Restrict from Emails and Social Media
  8. Prioritize Based on Long Term Goals of Your Life
  9. Minimize Sleeping In
  10. Make Best Use of Idle Time
  11. Delegate, Outsource, Seek Help
  12. Combine Family and Studying Time
  13. Engage Your Brain When Studying
  14. Pay Attention to Key Definitions and Terms
  15. Know the Concepts (Not the Mnemonics) by Heart

This ICMAI CMA Notes PDF is as per the new Syllabus for 2023. Thorough preparation of study material is necessary to get good results. ‘

Download CMA Notes in pdf for Free

To Download CMA Notes in PDF, click on given links Below

Download CMA Foundation Notes in PDF for Free ?

Paper 1: Fundamentals of Economics and Management

Paper 2: Fundamentals of Accounting

Paper 3: Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics

Paper 4: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics & Statistic

Download CMA Intermediate Notes in PDF for Free ?

Paper 5 Financial Accounting

Paper 6 Laws, Ethics and Governance

Paper 7 Direct Taxation

Paper 8 Cost accounting and financial management

Paper 9 Operation Management Information System

Paper 10 Cost and Management Accounting

Paper 11 Indirect Taxation

Paper 12 Company Accounts & Audit

Download CMA Final Study Material PDF for Free ?

Paper 13- Corporate Laws and Compliance

Paper 14- Advanced Financial Management

Paper 15- Business Strategy & Strategic Cost Management

Paper 16- Tax Management and Practice

Paper 17 : Strategic Performance Management

Paper 18- Corporate Financial Reporting

Paper 19- Cost and Management Audit

Paper 20- Financial Analysis & Business Valuation

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